Welcome 2012tweeps!

What is this?

This is the home page of the 2012tweeps. If that means something to you – you know what to do next.

If it doesn't …. read on. 

2012tweeps? What?

You’ve got either NO tickets or a crappy football ticket, right? Maybe you’re a very frustrated TeamGB competitor or a relative of one. Pissed off with LOCOG? Angry at Seb and his ‘cronies’? Can’t stand the fact that all the “super-rich and corporates” are getting ALL the tickets? Gravy train. Dispatches Channel 4. Sepp Blatter. Corruption. Olympic lanes. Grumpy taxi drivers. The Daily Mail. Taxpayers money!!!

Ooo-er … calm down dear. Hate this country and all it represents? Want nothing to do with the Olympics after your application for a £50 ticket for the 100m Usain Bolt Final got binned? Did your 4 applications (naughty!) totalling £20,000 produce a fat zero? Pah! Given up months ago?…. sorry getting a bit carried away…

Anyway, take a look at this… Note that this is on the OFFICIAL tickets site of London2012.com. Bookmark the link. It's important.

Now read this. Boy done well eh? Nice one @paddyiim!

Message: you too can be like our Paddy. Get it?

Good. EU law means they can buy from us (about 1-5% of tickets in Round 1 ballot went outside UK), but equally, we can buy from them. And we have.

Want some of this? 

Now we've got your interest – we want to help you. Here are some things you can do

  • Ticket news tends to break on twitter. To find out who is selling and where you could do worse than search #2012tweeps
  • We also have a lovingly curated twitter list (actually two!)
  • If you don't like twitter … have a look round the forum – but you should really be using twitter.
  • A lovely man called @Kevin_Plsm runs an automated ticket tracker service. It's very good … read about it here.

Finally, you'll want to join our Olympic Ticket List  – the biggest database of people with olympic tickets in the world. Well – it might be the only such database .. but still we've got over 200 people with a lot of tickets. 

What else can we find here?

We've got some people who really know their stuff contributing photos and providing write-ups on what you'll want to see at the games – worth checking out. 

When gin and tonic is bouncy; when football lets you keep up with friends, some of which are named after dressage; when you live in swimming; when your pencil hardness is measured in handball; when you can't wait to see your MP; when you bank with canoe slalom; when half your day is a marathon; when fashion comes in walking collections; when you measure things in mountains; and when going to the ZOo is an once in a lifetime event, you know you are a 2012tweep.   (HMtheJames)